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Machinists face numerous injury risks

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Pedestrian Injury

“Milling and drilling” are two tasks machinists perform as part of their duties. A machinist must know how to work various machines to create various tools and parts. Extensive training, combined with years of experience, could allow a Pennsylvania machinist to perform the job expertly. Even the best machinists make mistakes, though. Accidents happen, and injuries occur. Hopefully, a workers’ compensation claim may financially assist a machinist during the recovery period.

Machinists face many injury risks

Machinists work with many tools, and one slip could lead to cuts or punctures. Some machinists may require several stitches after a mishap, although disastrous incidents might also lead to losing a finger. Certain tools present dangers, even when workers wear the proper safety equipment.

A machinist might go years without suffering any work injuries, but the body could break down from constant repetitive motions. After years of performing the same tasks, shoulders, knees, and other joints could “give out.” Hopefully, minor surgery might be all that’s necessary to fix the problem.

A machinist’s job may come with hazards that make harm almost unavoidable. Breathing in fumes in a poorly ventilated workspace might yield long or short-term consequences. Machinists could suffer burns or other problems from exposure to chemicals or hazardous materials.

Exploring options for workers’ compensation

An employee who suffers from a work-related health issue can explore filing a workers’ compensation claim. Essentially, workers’ comp is an insurance program that provides benefits to eligible workers who get hurt on the job. Machinists who prove their injuries derived from their position could receive payments covering some expenses during their recovery time.

While workers’ comp claims generally shield employers from lawsuits, exceptions exist. Also, negligent third parties receive no such protections, so an employee may seek workers’ compensation benefits and explore lawsuit options.



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