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Increase your home’s appeal when you’re ready to sell

On Behalf of | Aug 11, 2023 | Estate Planning

In Pennsylvania, when putting your home on the market, you can maximize the selling price by presenting your home in a manner that appeals to potential buyers. While navigating the process, taking specific steps can attract more interest in your property, which also helps get the home sold swiftly at a favorable price. The following steps can focus your efforts on the most important strategic actions that will transition your home from “for sale” to “sold.”

The right listing agent is key

A residential real estate listing agent who knows your local market and neighborhoods is pivotal in setting an optimal asking price and sorting through fair offers versus those below market value. A skilled, experienced agent can also provide recent sales data and valuable insights on the dynamics of home pricing.

Pricing your home right is critical, and studying sales data from comparable homes can help you see which features and amenities bring higher home prices. You may also find that timeless styles and décor resonate better with buyers than trend-driven looks.

Cleaning and decluttering

Leave a lasting impression on buyers with a clean, well-maintained home. Pay extra attention to bathrooms, closets and the kitchen because these areas play a crucial role in buyers’ decision-making. Polished floors and sparkling windows help create an inviting atmosphere.

When potential buyers tour the home, they often imagine living in it to see if it resonates with their wants and needs. You should remove clutter and excess furniture and consider staging your home for showing. The home staging technique involves transforming your living spaces into clean, de-cluttered and de-personalized areas that let buyers visualize their belongings in the rooms.

Upgrade strategically

If upgrading, choose where to invest based on information from comparable home sales in your area. You won’t get a dollar-for-dollar return on kitchen upgrades, but they might entice a buyer to choose your home over another one. You can make simple changes, such as fresh paint throughout the house, new fixtures and flooring that add a good amount of appeal for a reasonable price.

Additionally, consider hiring a professional to inspect your home for maintenance and repair issues so that you can remedy them before they become an issue that causes problems with a potential sale.

Improve curb appeal

First impressions matter; cost-effective updates to your home’s exterior can pay off by attracting more interested buyers. Consider updating your front door with a pop of color using fresh paint, mowing the lawn and adding potted plants on the front porch. You can also add or update window shutters and install a brick or stone façade to add interest to the house’s front walls.

Preparing your house for sale requires strategic decisions and careful consideration. By taking the above steps, you can optimize your property and maximize your chances of a successful sale.



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