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Deadly speeding dangers

On Behalf of | Jan 3, 2024 | Car Accidents

Speeding is a common moving violation on Pennsylvania roads that leads to collisions. Numerous accidents result in fatalities, a fact that highlights the dangers. Persons hurt by speeding drivers might explore legal options to recover losses.

Speeding and fatal accidents

Crash statistics paint a worrisome picture of the dangers on U.S. roads. Over three years, fatal accidents involving speeding increased substantially. Per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA, speeding is the top cause of all fatal collisions. In 2021, there were 11,057 fatal crashes, reflecting a 28% increase over the 8,632 deaths in 2018.

Unsafe driving could become more dangerous when road conditions are hazardous. Yet, some drivers may press down on the gas pedal during heavy rains when the roads are slick. Commuters might practice their defensive driving skills to avoid crashes, but overcoming the threats posed by speeding, reckless drivers proves challenging.

Legal matters and speeding crashes

Negligent drivers who cause car accidents often face civil lawsuits from victims. Since speeding is a moving violation, driving too fast could establish the reckless driver’s negligence. With speeding, a driver may lose control of a vehicle without warning, and the resulting impact might inflict enormous harm on others.

Lawsuits filed against a negligent driver could seek compensation for losses incurred from the crash. For example, victims suffering a drop in income might request compensation for their financial losses. Requesting compensation for medical expenses is also common in such personal injury lawsuits.

In a wrongful death suit, the plaintiffs may seek significant awards, including requests for punitive damages. Punitive damages might not fall under an auto liability policy’s coverage, but the plaintiff may receive them after a lawsuit judgment or settlement.



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