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Who Pays When You Get Into a Crash in a Chauffeured Vehicle?

Pennsylvania Auto Accidents

As a Pennsylvanian who has been involved in an accident while in a chauffeured vehicle, it leaves you in a bit of a complex situation. You may also be wondering exactly who will be picking up the tab in the event that someone is injured, whether that person is you or someone else in the other vehicle.

Fortune relates a story in which one passenger was in a vehicle driven by a company driver when that driver hit another car. Though no injuries were reported, there was significant damage done to the other vehicle. In this situation, the passenger wondered if they would be involved in the insurance proceedings. The passenger was not, and you shouldn’t be either due to the fact that you aren’t driving the vehicle, nor do you own it.

Most companies that offer chauffeuring, ferrying or driving services have an insurance company that oversees all of the drivers in their fleet. This company is supposedly there to pick up the tab in case one of their drivers collides with someone else, but that doesn’t mean passengers like yourself don’t get concerned about the possibility of needing to pay for damages that you didn’t cause just because you were in the car at the time of the crash.

Though it isn’t meant to be taken as legal advice, you may wish to consider getting into quick contact with the driving company in question and following up on any insurance proceedings. This way, you can be in the loop and know what’s going on and where the blame and payments are falling.

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