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Annual Book Sale this Coming Week at the Hughes Library

The Eastern Monroe Public Library is having its annual book sale beginning Saturday at the Hughes Branch on Route 611 in Stroud Township.

The sale is coordinated by the “Friends” of the library, an enthusiastic group of volunteers that raise needed funds for the library by working on this project throughout the year.

Our office has been a long-time supporter of the library. Shareholder Jerry Geiger is the Library Board’s President. Dan & Karen Corveleyn work at the sale and can help you find some great reading material.

The sale runs from Saturday, June 3, 2017 @ 9:00 am through Wednesday June 7 @ 5:00 pm.

For those who have not been to our library recently, you may be surprised at the range of services it offers. “Library” isno longer synonymous with just “books.” The library now sponsors annual TEDx talks that have featured local professors and even Jazz legend, Bob Dorough. Remember “School House Rock” and “Conjunction, Junction, what’s your function?” Bob wrote that song for PBS and sang it at our last TEDx talk.

Our “Bookhouse” features monthly concerts. We have quilting groups, model railroaders and book discussion groups. Our meeting rooms are used by non-profits and our worst kept secret is that we offer our patrons Kindle e-books at no cost. Thinking about downloading an ebook from Amazon? The Google Chrome web browser has a library extension for the EMPL that alerts you to whether our library has a book in its catalog. Don’t pay for it. Borrow it from the library!

We were also proud to have featured Pulitzer prize winning author and Monroe County resident, Anna Quindlen, at a benefit dinner at the Stroudsmoor Country Inn.

Anna donated her time to help us raise funds.  Anna has also donated library books for our sales, so you may pick up some of her reading material.

Because of a generous donation from the Hughes family foundation, the Hughes branch is currently under construction. In a few months, a cafe will open on the first floor and we will be adding more comfortable seating and additional meeting spaces on the second floor.

Our library has become a community center and we encourage everyone to support the library with your donations, by volunteering, and by participating. We support the library and believe it contributes tremendously to our community.  We hope to see you at the book sale!

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