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Get Help From a Motorcycle Attorney Who Understands Pocono Roads






Attorney Jerry Geiger is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and a rider. For over 30 years, he has been a trial attorney who has tried cases throughout eastern Pennsylvania.

Jerry understands the physics and dynamics of riding a motorcycle, is quite aware of the dangers facing riders in the Poconos and understands motorcycle injury law. He also appreciates that motorcycle riders suffer injuries quite different from those suffered in a motor vehicle accident.

Although unfair, jurors sometimes view riders as reckless simply because they ride. In fact, anyone who has ridden motorcycles for any length of time understands that riding requires much greater skill to negotiate traffic, especially during tourist season in the Poconos. Our roads are often not equipped to handle the extra traffic and drivers on unfamiliar roads are often distracted.

The skill is not just operating our bikes but being aware of all of the drivers who seemed to be blind to our presence–even when fully attired in Hi-Viz gear.

Jerry has a team of lawyers and paralegals who will assist in your case and has the highest possible rating in legal ability and ethics by the Martindale-Hubbel lawyers’ rating service.

To discuss the specific facts of your motorcycle accident case, don’t hesitate to contact Jerry at Newman Williams. Our initial consultations in accident cases are always free and geared towards answering all of your questions.

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