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PennDOT Says the Old Sticker Can Stay

The Old Sticker Can Stay Pennsylvania Penn DOT visit PA.com

PennDOT no longer issues vehicle registration stickers. But what to do with the ones already on the license plate?

PennDOT just posted this notice on its Facebook page:

“You don’t have to remove your old registration sticker from your license plate – law enforcement in Pennsylvania as well as other jurisdictions (including Canada!) have been notified of this change. If you decide to remove your sticker, you may, just be careful… they’re very sticky.”

Apparently, PennDOT received complaints that police in other jurisdictions were pulling over people for expired stickers.  In response to that criticism, PennDot said:

“We have done extensive communications with law enforcement in Pennsylvania and other states about the change. If you or someone you know has been cited for an expired sticker, please contact PennDOT so we can help you resolve it.”

Now that is what could really be a sticky situation. We hope they all got the news. Meanwhile, I’ll just keep my old stickers for nostalgic reasons.

~Jerry Geiger

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