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Picking the Right Lawyer to Handle Your Pedestrian Accident Case

The Statistics

Nearly 15 people every day of the year are killed in pedestrian/motor vehicle crashes. In the past year, our office has seen an increasing number of pedestrians seriously hurt or killed in eastern Pennsylvania. Distracted and impaired driving is a likely cause of this increase as is the lack of lighting and sidewalks in many areas of our region.

Our Experience

If you or a family member is the victim of a pedestrian accident, the personal injury lawyers at Newman | Williams can help. Our litigation team is experienced in helping accident victims recover financial compensation for their injuries.

We can assist in getting your medical bills paid and help you decide if you can pursue your claim in state or federal court. We strive to provide you with the personal service you should expect to receive if you have been injured.

You have choices

We know you have many choices in lawyers. We don’t advertise on billboards or on the sides of buses. Certainly lawyers have the right to advertise this way. We find it less than professional.  When we need a doctor, we don’t call her because we saw her picture on a bus that just passed us.

Our Ratings 

We have an “AV” rating, given by our peers and a national rating service. This means we have the highest reviews in both legal ability and ethics. We’ve represented judges and other lawyers who trust our abilities. They’ve chosen us to represent them and there is no better recommendation than that.

We’re also proud to have earned the “best lawyers” award from a local newspaper for the past three years.

We understand the right lawyer is a personal choice

We know that choosing a lawyer to represent you is not just a matter of competence but of personality. In a complex case, you will be dealing with your attorneys for potentially several years. For that reason, we completely understand that when you have a choice of two equally competent lawyers, your best choice is the one you can relate to. For that reason, give us a call and see if we are the right fit. If not, we’d understand. We feel the same.

Please email us at:

[email protected] or call Attorney Jerry Geiger at 570-421-9090 We would appreciate the opportunity to speak with you to let you decide if we’re the right fit.


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