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If you’re an attorney with an office outside Monroe County and trying your first or tenth case here, conforming to local procedural rules may not necessarily be intuitive. Certainly, Monroe County practice has become more user friendly than it used to be but having local counsel on the “ground” to assist, can be beneficial.

I learned my lesson when I handled my first Monroe case, 32 years ago, as a new associate for a relatively large Luzerne County law firm. Based on that experience, I appreciate the dilemma some of my colleagues experience.

As a past president of the Monroe County Bar Association, chair of the County Bar’s Mediation Committee, and a member of the County’s procedural rules committee, I’m happy to assist if you need help.  With certain (rare) exceptions, I enjoy contact from my non-Monroe colleagues and happily assist without charge if anyone needs some quick local insight. And if you choose to retain us as local counsel, we appreciate the trust in our office. We’re an AV-rated law firm founded in 1923, the largest law firm based in Monroe County, and we value our local contacts. My focus is on litigation and mediation but we have a wide range of practice areas in the office.

If we can assist you in any way, give us a call.

~Jerry Geiger

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