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Thinking of Pocono Jazz Legend Bob Dorough

Pocono Jazz legend Bob Dorough died this week at age 94.

His death was somewhat of a shock because he was performing at the top of his game right up until the time of his death.

Bob performed quite regularly at the Deer Head Inn in Delaware Water Gap and, despite his iconic stature, was a regular, approachable guy.

All of my friends and I grew up listening to School House Rock. I’m embarrassed to admit that Bob’s masterpiece is now 45 years old. I’m showing my age by admitting I grew up on his music.

Although I frequently cannot recall what I ate for dinner yesterday, I could probably recite for you all of the lyrics of “Conjunction Junction.”

In October 2016, Bob performed at a TedX talk at the Eastern Monroe Public Library while I was President of the Library Board. I knew Bob would be a draw but I didn’t anticipate that his library talk would now be excerpted on ABC News Tonight in recalling his career.

Some might think Bob’s success was fortuitous and, indeed, there is an element of being at the right place and at the right time to have a successful music career, regardless of whether it’s jazz, rock, or some other style.

While I will never tire of School House Rock, and sang it with my kids, Bob’s career was much more than School House Rock. Bob played with some of the biggest names in jazz, including Miles Davis. When I tweeted about his death, I was shocked to see that, for the first time, my tweets were being retweeted throughout Japan. Who would have guessed that he had fans in Asia?

Listen to Bob’s TedX talk at the Hughes Library when you get the chance.

We’ll miss Bob but, because he’s a legend, his music will survive, as will Bob’s legacy.

~Jerry Geiger


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