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Accident Reconstruction in Motorcycle Cases

We handle motorcycle cases quite differently than the average car case. Why?

Cycles Behave Differently

Unlike passenger cars, motorcycles are capable of rapid acceleration. They offer little protection to the rider during a collision and require special skills to be able to maneuver the bike effectively.

Unlike a car, a motorcycle has separate front and rear brake controls. The physics of a motorcycle require a counter-steering technique to change direction based on speed.  To complicate matters,  motorcycles are increasingly equipped with ABS brakes and/or linked brakes, meaning that every case is analyzed differently depending on the features of the bike. Add in a passenger whose actions may affect the rider’s reactions or the stability of the bike and you can see why these cases are much more complicated than the average car case.

Protective Clothing

Although helmets for most riders are not required in Pennsylvania, an accident reconstruction expert can often calculate whether a helmet or other protective clothing would have even prevented injury. Wearing leather or full body armor typically helps but not always.

Visibility and Fault

Such experts are also useful in helping us prove the visibility of the motorcyclist to other motorists and help reconstruct who is at fault for the collision.

Too often riders are incorrectly perceived as being at fault for their own injuries despite the much greater skill it requires to operate a motorcycle.

For this reason, reconstruction experts can help educate a jury, or an insurance adjuster, on the value of your case. Picking the right expert is often the key to helping us develop a winning case.

Motorcycle Accident Reconstruction





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Accident Reconstruction in Motorcycle Cases
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Accident Reconstruction in Motorcycle Cases
Strategies for handling the Pennsylvania Motorcycle Accident Case
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