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Ever Wonder How Expensive Driving Actually is?

Cars cost money.  But let’s face it, what choice do we have? It’s not practical to “uber” your way to work every day. It’s a necessary evil for most of us. We need to get to work, to drive our kids to soccer practice, and to shop for groceries.

AAA published this infographic explaining the costs of vehicle ownership for the average driver. These costs calculate the expense of driving a sedan. However, many of us are driving SUV’s, luxury cars, and older, less fuel-efficient cars, which may alter these calculations significantly.

It’s a sobering thought, though, to see that the average driver of a sedan spends $9,122 per year based on 15,000 miles of driving.

Those with a poor accident history and higher insurance premiums can expect to pay more. It’s not surprising then that drivers decline full tort coverage on their policies. They forego proper underinsured and uninsured motorist coverage and waive collision coverage altogether.

In future articles, I’m going to explain why you cannot afford not to have proper insurance coverage and will provide you with some real-world examples of why spending some additional money for proper coverage would have changed the lives of some of our clients.

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~Jerry Geiger

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