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Answering your Pocono Car Accident Questions

If you were in a car or motorcycle accident, you will have questions about who pays your bills, dealing with the other driver’s insurance company, car rental questions, getting fired from your job because you can’t return to work, and on and on….

In other words, lots of questions you never wanted to ask but now have to deal with.

Worse yet, you have to choose a lawyer and you don’t know one. There’s probably a billboard every mile on Routes 80 and 33 offering to fight for you. You won’t see ours.

We don’t do billboards, we don’t shrink-wrap buses, and we don’t believe in silly marketing campaigns comparing ourselves to gorilla lawyers and prize-fighters. It demeans the profession.

If you are seriously injured, you want a first-rate lawyer, not a cartoon character.

We rely on word of mouth and ratings from other lawyers and judges. Check out our ratings on the Martindale-Hubbel review service. We’ve been serving the Poconos since 1923 and would be happy to answer your questions in a no-fee, no-obligation initial consultation. We’re even available on Saturdays by appointment. Consider calling us and leaving the details to us.

We’ll try to answer your questions. Better still: don’t decide during our initial meeting. Call us back if you think we’re the proper fit for your case.

In the meantime, check out our Twitter feed on motor vehicle law for news on motor vehicle issues in the Poconos and beyond: @PoconoAutoLaw.

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