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Monroe County, PA Reassessment Information

Many property owners in Monroe County, PA are understandably anxious about the property reassessment results soon to be announced. For that reason, we are introducing a series of videos to explain the process, how to get more information, and how to challenge your reassessment.

The County’s last reassessment was about 30 years ago and, because of property fluctuations in the real estate market, thousands of assessment appeal hearings, and new construction since the 1980’s, similar properties, even within the same communities, have widely different tax assessments. The purpose then of the reassessment is to make sure that similar properties are taxed in similar ways.

Tyler Technologies, the company working on the project, commented that 1/3 of assessed values will go up, 1/3 will stay the same and 1/3 will go down. While that might provide some comfort,  no one wants to be in the 1/3 of assessed values scheduled to increase.

Tyler Technologies will be conducting four public informational meetings during February to educate the community about the process. The meetings will be held as follows:

Public Meetings to Explain the Reassessment ProcessIt is important to note that changes in how your individual property is assessed will not be disclosed at the public meetings. We plan on attending one of the sessions and, if you cannot attend, stay tuned for future videos.  We will let you know what you missed and ways to challenge the reassessment.

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