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Construction worker injured after on-the-job crane accident

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In Stroudsburg and throughout Pennsylvania, blue collar workers who are in physically demanding jobs face the constant possibility of injuries in a work accident. Construction employees are at specific risk due to the requirements of their employment. They may be stationed at significant heights, manipulate heavy tools, operate complex machinery and be near large vehicles. Serious injuries can happen without warning and leave a person with many questions as to what will happen next. Workers’ compensation benefits might be needed in the aftermath.

Construction worker seriously injured in crane collapse

It is natural to be concerned when working with a crane. These are large pieces of equipment deigned to move heavy material. If there is a mistake or a weather-related problem, cranes can tip over and cause injuries and fatalities. A construction worker was injured and needed to be flown to the hospital for treatment after a crane tipped over. The accident happened at around 10:30 a.m. According to the investigation, a wall collapsed and tipped the crane. Emergency responders arrived and found the worker seriously injured. His condition was unknown, but he remained hospitalized.

Workers’ compensation benefits can be essential for care and wage coverage

If there is an accident on the job, workers can miss time, need medical care and have physical and financial challenges. Workers’ compensation is in place to cover for these challenges, but it is important to know what steps to take to get approved and maximize the benefits. Back injuries, brain trauma, broken bones, lost limbs, repetitive use injuries, loss of hearing or sight, burns, disfigurement and other physical problems can come from a workplace injury. There can also be mental and emotional trauma. Still, regardless of the injury, there can be issues in getting approved for workers’ compensation benefits. It is important to have legal advice.

Experienced workers’ compensation attorneys may be able to help

As this case shows, construction workers are notoriously vulnerable to injuries that require medical treatment and will inevitably lead to lost time on the job. If the accident is severe enough, the person may be unable to perform the same job as before. Medical expenses, long-term care, wages and other requirements can be covered by workers’ compensation. To ensure the case is handled appropriately whether it is approved immediately or there is a dispute, having legal assistance may be critical.




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