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Auto accident fatality numbers improve, but trends are ominous

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Car Accidents

Pennsylvanians who head out on the road will be fundamentally aware of the potential dangers they may face. Auto accidents are among the most common reasons for injuries and an untimely death and people should be cognizant of the trends to mitigate their risk. Part of that is knowing the statistics for crashes and what causes them.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration released its most recent numbers. There are positive signs for the years 2017 to 2019, but ominous ones for 2020. Those who were in an accident may face a litany of challenges and understanding why it happened can be beneficial when seeking compensation in a legal filing.

Good news and bad news with auto accident statistics

The NHTSA says that road safety improved from 2018 to 2019. This stays the course on a trend from 2017 onward that resulted in a reduction in road fatalities. However, the statistics for 2020 suggest that the roads are becoming more treacherous. On the surface, 2020 has seen a 2% reduction in auto fatalities when compared to 2019. Still, the ongoing health crisis brings an unexpected factor into accumulating the statistics.

Once the researchers consider fewer drivers being on the road because they are not working, children are not going to school and people are less likely to go on long-distance road trips, the accident and fatality numbers can be perceived as worse than they were a year ago. Emptier roads gave some drivers the freedom to drive under the influence, speed and not take basic precautions like wearing a seatbelt and avoiding distraction. This suggests that the accident numbers are in fact worse than they otherwise might be.

The aftermath of an auto accident may require a legal filing

After an auto accident, people can face significant changes to their lives in myriad ways. Personal injury, medical expenses, the inability to work, the need for extended care and treatment and other problems inevitably arise. For families who have lost a loved one, these are exponentially worse. Seeking compensation might not be foremost in a person’s mind in the aftermath, but it should be considered to cover for all that was lost.

Consulting with a law firm that understands auto accidents can assist with investigating the case and taking the necessary steps to file a claim. It is imperative to call as soon as possible for guidance and help.



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