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How nurses can protect themselves on the job

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2022 | Personal Injury Law

Anyone who works in a health care profession in Pennsylvania knows that nurses have some of the most challenging jobs on a daily basis. Constantly taking care of patients can result in various injuries, but there are ways you can protect yourself to avoid them.

Basic practices to maintain your safety

Many safety practices in health care, like washing one’s hands frequently and getting required immunizations, are basic yet important things that nurses may forget to do when pressed for time. Getting plenty of sleep and practicing self-care are other often overlooked safety measures. However, your job may have hazards that can lead to workers’ compensation claims. Among the ways you can keep yourself safe are the following:

  • Use the lift and transfer equipment instead of trying to move patients manually.
  • Keep your environment free of clutter to avoid falls and practice good body mechanics when working with equipment.
  • Practice safe handling of needles.
  • Wear personal protective equipment when appropriate.

As a nurse, you should speak up when you don’t have the appropriate equipment to do your job, when patients turn violent or when you need to accomplish a transfer. Try to be available for colleagues who need a helping hand.

Filing workers’ compensation claims

Repeatedly lifting heavy patients without any kind of help or performing other nursing tasks without the proper equipment can put you at risk for repetitive stress injuries or other types of medical problems. These types of injuries often develop slowly, but that doesn’t mean you should ignore them for workers’ compensation claims.

Seek treatment from your doctor whenever you believe that you have a workplace injury. Keeping good records of what went on in your workplace as well as detailed medical reports can help you solidify your claim and get the compensation you deserve.



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