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Can a vision zero strategy keep you safe?

On Behalf of | May 17, 2022 | Personal Injury Law

Traffic injuries and fatalities in Pennsylvania have been the object of public concern. One of the ways that experts have chosen to respond to this outcry is to implement a Vision Zero policy. This is a strategy that uses a number of tactics in a bid to reduce the number of accidents that take place on our roads.

Getting to know the vision zero strategy

Vision Zero is a strategy that has been adopted in many states in a bid to combat traffic incidents. One of its very welcome side effects has been a corresponding decrease in the number of personal injury suits that are filed in the wake of these accidents. The result has been a major savings of time, energy, and money for taxpayers and the state.

The actual strategy that defines Vision Zero takes a number of forms. These can include decreasing the legal state limit to safer levels. It can also entail installing more traffic lights at busy and dangerous intersections. Roadway lighting as a whole can be greatly improved as a result of Vision Zero measures.

Vision Zero needs to be backed with vigilance

Both urban and rural roads in Pennsylvania can benefit from the adoption of a Vision Zero strategy. Statistics have shown that the total number of accidents and subsequent injuries have decreased in areas where this program has been applied. It is also true that damage to property has also decreased. As a result, the program can be judged a success.

The main issue that authorities in the state have named as a source of concern is backing up these results with action. Once these various Vision Zero measures are passed, they need to be enforced. This is a matter that will require a high level of vigilance.



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