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Can a car accident cause scoliosis?

On Behalf of | Jun 1, 2022 | Car Accidents

An auto accident can be an extremely traumatic incident for Pennsylvania drivers. Not only do you face the property damage to your vehicle and the hassle of dealing with insurance claims, the injuries can be much more serious. Many people suffer severe, long-term disabilities as a result of the damage done by a car crash. While some types of injuries are visible right after the moment of impact, others may take more time to become apparent or may exacerbate a previous injury or condition.

What is scoliosis?

For example, scoliosis is a spinal condition that is usually diagnosed during adolescence. For people who have it, the spine curves sideways over time, leading to chronic pain and mobility problems over time. One shoulder or hip may sit higher than the other and lead to an uneven gait. While most scoliosis cases are diagnosed during a growth spurt, that is not always the case. A pre-existing tendency toward scoliosis may be worsened by a car accident, or someone without scoliosis at all may develop a curved spine due to the trauma they suffered.

Traumatic scoliosis after a collision

Traumatic scoliosis is often caused by an auto accident. Due to a spinal injury incurred in the crash, the curve of the spine can be affected over the long term, leading to back pain and other medical problems. The medical bills that can accumulate after a crash do not only include the hospital bills immediately after the collision; instead, you may face years of ongoing rehab services, physiotherapy and other medical needs.

An auto accident can lead to major life changes; people may lose out on wages or even need to switch careers after a severe injury in a collision. In order to determine the full extent of your injuries, it can be important to see a doctor after your collision, even if you do not see an immediate or urgent injury, to ensure that the effects of the crash are fully documented.



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