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The central steps of a real estate closing

On Behalf of | Jun 16, 2022 | Firm News

There are at least five steps in the real estate closing process. The work begins with the final review of the contract and ends with the receipt of the buyer’s title. Although the process is not the same for every buyer, there are several, major requirements for closing on a home in Pennsylvania.

Main duties of a closing

During the closing, buyers and sellers review and sign documents. The buyer and seller usually want to review the documents related to the title, mortgage loan, lien, will, insurance and other agreements made in previous weeks.

Document review

The seller signs the deed over to the buyer who signs it. The contract is handed over to the closing agent. Having the seller present or a real estate attorney is not required. During a closing, every document is reviewed for accuracy and any errors or misunderstood details are explained or corrected.

Making payments

The buyer has to pay closing costs and payments for the loan, which are listed in the closing disclosure. In addition, final payments are made to real estate agents, attorneys, lenders and other professionals involved in the transaction.

The final step is handing over the title and insurance documents to the owner and his or her lender. Overall, the average time spent in closing real estate varies from several days to several months.

After the buyer signs the sales contract, the closing process begins. The prospective owner, his or her attorney and a real estate agent will review the documents and prepare to make the payments. A meeting is set in a formal setting, and the right types of professionals are chosen and informed to attend.



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