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Real estate closings are largely a matter of paperwork, each document providing clarity and reassurance on a host of issues, from finance to title to legal liability. While everyone wishes the process was not so complex, when problems arise, they are glad to have clear documentation to guide them.

At Newman Williams, P.C., our real estate lawyers provide the assurance of a successful sale or purchase. We know the purpose of every page of documentation, and we know the problems that are created, and the transactions that come to a halt, when there is an error or omission.

Real Estate Attorneys With Offices In Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania

As closing attorneys, we represent the buyer in commercial and residential transactions. Our task includes title search, creation of a title chain and evaluation to ensure that the title is clean. It includes creating the closing package, assuring that it is in good order and negotiating changes that must be made. Following the signing, we file relevant documents and obtain title insurance.

In closing documentation, the devil is always in the details. You will want an attorney for whom precision and inclusiveness are critical. At Newman Williams, P.C., details are our business. We pay attention to the little things so that you can focus on the big picture of this important investment.

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