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The purpose and function of real estate agents

On Behalf of | Nov 21, 2022 | Real Estate And Zoning

While online home shopping is a trend that is unlikely to abate anytime soon, most property purchasers in Pennsylvania will enlist the help of a realtor when it comes time to actually close the deal. The best way to ensure a smooth experience when hiring a real estate professional is to understand the services typically offered by agents.

Common tasks undertaken by realtors

Though just about everyone seems to know a real estate agent or two these days, not everyone fully understands all of the different tasks they perform for clients. Once these professionals fulfill state licensing requirements, they are free to assist home buyers and sellers with various phases of the property transaction process, including:

  • Listing properties for sale
  • Show properties to potential purchasers
  • Develop and execute marketing plans
  • Help buyers connect with lenders
  • Facilitate inspections and appraisals
  • Handle accurate completion of all transaction paperwork

Clearly, the job of a realtor is more complex than many realize, which is why so many homebuyers and sellers find agent fees to be more than worthwhile.

Finding the right real estate agent

Though it is certainly true that personal referrals are a common way in which prospective buyers and sellers connect with the agent with whom they decide to work, there are a host of other methods for finding just the right professional to help negotiate a deal and ensure that the complexities and pitfalls sometimes attendant to real estate transactions can be properly addressed.

Whether using online resources, attending local open houses or scouring online property listings for names of reputable agents, the process of securing experienced guidance need not be difficult. By taking advantage of the expertise offered by seasoned agents in the area, those looking to complete a real estate transaction can rest assured that nothing falls through the cracks.



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