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Rollover collisions and injuries in Pennsylvania

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2023 | Motor Vehicles

Not all car accidents are the same, and a rear-end collision differs significantly from a T-bone collision. Sometimes, a particular type of impact results in equally particular injuries. For example, rear-end accidents might lead to whiplash neck injuries. Head-on collisions often lead to fatalities. Rollover accidents are also dangerous, as rollovers may result in victims being crushed under the weight of an upside-down car.

Rollover accidents

A rollover accident occurs when a car tips over or rolls over entirely. If the car completely rolls over, the roof connects to the ground, and the wheels point upwards. If the vehicle’s roof can’t support the weight, the roof might collapse. Even when a roof crush does not occur, the victims inside the rolled-over vehicle could sustain severe injuries.

Rollover accidents could happen because the driver takes a turn too fast. The laws of physics come into play, and the vehicle might roll over. Speeding drivers aren’t the only ones who might suffer harm in such a situation, as the rolled-over vehicle could hit a motorcycle, pedestrian or another car.

In many instances, the rolled-over vehicle’s driver might not be responsible for the accident. One vehicle might impact another car, and the impact could cause the victim’s car to roll over. An investigation might follow to determine fault.

Rollovers and negligence

A police report and eyewitness accounts may reveal reasons why a car and motorcycle accident catastrophe happens. An intoxicated driver could crash into another car at high speed, causing the vehicle to roll over. Distracted and fatigued drivers might do the same, inflicting injuries.

When negligence leads to a motor vehicle accident, the responsible party may face substantial claims from the victims. Victims could be eligible for compensation to cover the losses resulting from the crash.



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