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Could a smartphone cause an on-the-job accident?

On Behalf of | Apr 2, 2021 | Uncategorized

Cellphone use could cause distractions and an accident. Upon making this statement to Pennsylvania workers, they may immediately think of car collisions. While phone use might lead to a car wreck, someone lost in texting or a conversation might cause an accident at work. In industrial settings, a mishap may lead to an injury and a subsequent workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, many people like to use their smartphones no matter where they are, including on the job, regardless of risk.

Distractions from the phone on the job

A smartphone comes with many features capable of causing distractions. Besides talking and texting, internet access and scores of apps may grab someone’s concentration. Ironically, some apps might be helpful ones used on the job. Either way, a distraction that causes an accident may lead to an injury and time off from work for the victim.

A recent study reveals the extent of time workers invest in digital content that has nothing to do with their work. The surprising duration is more than two hours per day.

Someone lost in a smartphone could “merely” bump into someone, a slight mishap that could lead to a slip-and-fall accident. Attempts to multitask with a phone while working with tools may result in a terrible accident. Unfortunately, a worker might become too comfortable answering a phone and using its app that worries about mistakes might not come to mind.

Workers compensation becomes a possibility

People might be surprised by the high number of fatalities that result from smartphone-related accidents. Such figures should generate worry among those looking to avoid injuries. Employees who are harmed could file for workers’ compensation benefits with the assistance of an experienced attorney.



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