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No one can predict the future. You can, however, create a plan for the future to protect yourself and your family in case of medical emergencies.

Advance health care directives allow an individual to clearly dictate his or her wishes for medical care and treatment options, should he or she become incapacitated. These directives are also known as living wills or personal directives.

Living Wills And Plans For Medical Emergencies — Make Sure Your Wishes Are Followed

At Newman Williams, P.C., our attorneys assist clients throughout Pennsylvania in creating advance health care directives that are tailored to their needs and wishes. We take into account family dynamics and existing health care conditions.

If you wish to prepare for the future and any emergencies that could arise, please contact our Stroudsburg law offices today for a consultation. Call us at 570-559-5507 or toll free 570-559-5507.

Our lawyers take the time to sit down with each client and craft a health care directive that addresses all types of emergencies and potential end-of-life scenarios. Living wills are often accompanied by establishing a power of attorney. This allows the individual to grant one person the authority to make medical decisions on his or her behalf in case of incapacity. The power of attorney must abide by the details of the health care directive or living will.

These vehicles are essential components of a comprehensive estate plan. No matter what your situation or your estate, it is important that you have a legal plan in place that will protect your interests and your family. We are committed to providing you the legal representation you need during the planning process.