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Stroudsburg Probate Attorneys

Probate attorneys settle estates. They can be chosen as executor in the decedent’s will or they can be named to administer the estate when there is no will. Either way, it is a responsibility that must go to a trustworthy party that knows the law and is attentive to details.

At Newman Williams, P.C., those are the attributes we bring to probate administration. We are meticulous in carrying out the tasks involved in probate:

  • We collect, inventory and appraise all assets in the estate.
  • We pay all debts owed by the estate and collect all debts owed to the estate.
  • We file and pay estate and other relevant taxes.
  • We distribute assets that remain to rightful beneficiaries.

Probate law is not simple and straightforward. Success depends on your lawyer’s interpretation and knowledge of the relevant case and statutory law. Our firm is skilled in the intricacies of Pennsylvania law and experienced in complications that arise, as when there are beneficiaries out of state.

Litigation Resolving Will Contests And Other Disputes

Not all estates are settled without controversy. Our lawyers step in:

  • When there are contested wills and questions about codicil validity
  • When there are claims of breach of fiduciary duty
  • When there are charges of undue influence, duress, incapacity and fraud
  • When there are disagreements involving the language and intent of wills, codicils and trusts

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