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Dying without a will puts your entire estate at the mercy of a one-size-fits-all law imposed by the state of Pennsylvania. Having a will in place, by contrast, gives you the flexibility to decide who will be a beneficiary and who will not.

You may only need a simple will, stipulating which assets go to which people. Or you may require a more complex will, involving special gifts, dividing the estate into shares, charitable contributions or an alternate will design in case a beneficiary dies before you do. Our estate planning attorneys at Newman Williams, P.C., are skilled in crafting solutions for the very problem you are wrestling with.

We are also adept at creating trusts to give you even more control over the way in which your assets are disbursed. We have assisted in every kind of trust variation: living trusts, testamentary trusts, revocable and irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts, charitable remainder trusts and special needs trusts. There are hundreds of features you can build into your trust to avoid going through probate, to shield your assets from undue taxation or to dispose of your life assets exactly as you wish.

We can also assist with these essential estate documents:

  • Powers of attorney, both health care and financial
  • A living will or advance health care directive, detailing the level of medical intervention and life support you wish to receive if you cannot make those decisions
  • HIPAA authorization, sharing medical information with another person

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Probate attorneys settle estates. They can be chosen as executor in the decedent’s will or they can be named to administer the estate when there is no will. Either way, it is a responsibility that must go to a trustworthy party that knows the law and is attentive to details.

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