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At the law firm of Newman Williams, P.C., we help with all aspects of complex commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Representing buyers, sellers, developers and lenders have provided our Pennsylvania real estate lawyers with unique perspectives on all sides of real estate purchases and sales. Additionally, our licensed title insurance agents are able to identify title defects and ensure that a good and marketable title is conveyed to you.

The Need For Title Insurance To Protect Your Best Interests

Real estate transactions involve high stakes and significant amounts of money. All parties involved are protecting their interests and investments. Proactive moves help anticipate potential problems that often arise, specifically the purchasing of title insurance.

The purchase of lenders’ title insurance is necessary to secure a mortgage. Owners also need title insurance as well to protect their interests.

Title insurance protects you and your mortgage company’s rights when unexpected claims arise. Problems with legal title to the property you are purchasing can take the form of:

  • Unpaid mortgages or judgments against a prior owner
  • Competing claims of ownership to the parcel
  • Unpaid property taxes or association dues acting as liens on the property
  • Unpaid inheritance taxes acting as liens on the property
  • Incomplete or missing legal land descriptions
  • Adjoining property owners claim to part of your land
  • Easements or right-of-ways

Our real estate attorneys are licensed title insurance agents for Stewart Title Guaranty Company who will write policies for you and your lender.

Our real estate attorneys will partner with you to identify the issues, which may serve as potential title disputes. Our ability to provide legal services and title insurance services result in a more efficient and streamlined real estate transaction.

More information about real estate issues can be found on our Real Estate FAQ page. Visit the firms’ title insurance site at Poconos Mountain Land Abstract.

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