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A strong, clear lease agreement will eliminate most misunderstandings between landlord and tenant. Disputes do still arise, however, and when they do, you want representation that knows the law and asserts your rights in the matter. Newman Williams, P.C. represents both sides in eviction matters (forcible detainers), tenants’ rights and competing claims for the right of possession.

Property owners often initiate eviction actions against tenants who fail to comply with the terms of a lease. Tenants have rights, too, and are entitled to seek remedies when owners do not honor their responsibilities, either under the terms of the lease or under local statutes and ordinances.

Look to Newman Williams, P.C., for assistance with:

  • Drafting rental agreements
  • Resolving landlord-tenant disputes
  • Evicting irresponsible or nonpaying tenants
  • Fighting unjustified evictions
  • Demanding unfairly held security deposits
  • Collecting unpaid rent
  • Defending tenants’ rights against discrimination

Most landlord-tenant matters do not go to court. We bring all our knowledge of Pennsylvania law and of relevant case law to negotiations. When sums involved are significant, it may be best to go to court, in which case we are always prepared to protect your interests.

Most of our landlord-tenant cases involve commercial properties, but our attorneys also accept significant residential real estate cases.

We also assist with homeowners association matters.

Schedule a case evaluation today with one of our Stroudsburg landlord-tenant lawyers. For information, call 570-559-5507, toll-free 570-559-5507, or write us a brief description of your legal challenge.

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