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Stroudsburg Premises Liability Attorneys

Premises liability refers to all accidents that occur while you are on someone else’s property. Traditionally, these accidents are known as slip-and-falls. But there are really many ways people can be hurt:

  • Unsafe premises. This is the most familiar slip-and-fall. A puddle in a store aisle causes you to trip. The loose railing on a stair causes you to fall.
  • Toxic exposure. A derailed train releases fumes that cause people to get sick.
  • Inadequate security. A parking ramp is unsupervised, and a visitor to the building is assaulted.

At Newman Williams, P.C., we represent anyone who has been hurt while on another party’s property, when that injury could have been prevented with reasonable care. We represent victims in cases against stores, shopping malls, office buildings, apartment complexes and municipalities — wherever avoidable accidents occur.

Serving Injured People In The Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, Area

We seek financial compensation for the medical expenses you incurred, plus time lost from work and financial recompense for the pain and suffering your injury caused you.

Some premises liability cases end in the victim’s death. We represent the deceased in wrongful death claims. Our attorneys seek the same compensatory damages, plus funeral expenses and the cost in dollars of the loss of a breadwinner, caregiver or beloved child.

We invite you to speak with us to get a realistic evaluation of your case. Call the Stroudsburg premises liability lawyers at 570-559-5507, toll-free 570-559-5507, or send our lawyers a description of your injuries by email.