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Injuries suffered in a bicycle or pedestrian accident are often catastrophic and sometimes fatal. At a minimum, the sheer force of a motor vehicle striking a nonmotorized bike or person can end careers and an active lifestyle. If you or a loved one has been victimized by negligence during a leisurely walk or bike ride, you have the right to full and fair compensation.

Navigating You Through The Complexities Of Bicycle/Pedestrian Accident Claims

The process involved with bike accident or crosswalk accident claims is complex and challenging. Issues often involve right-of-ways, walk signals, marked crosswalks and sidewalk construction. A skilled and experienced attorney can make a difference in identifying the cause of the accident and pursuing maximum compensation.

At the law firm of Newman Williams, P.C., we want you to focus on your medical needs or personal matters involving the death of a loved one. We will handle all aspects of your personal injury claim.

Following your free initial consultation, we conduct in-depth, on-site investigations, often with the help of accident reconstructionists and other experts. We gather police reports, witness statements and other data that help us build a fact-based claim for mediation or trial.

Our Stroudsburg personal injury attorneys have handled a broad range of these types of personal injury cases. Their hands-on approach in these complex legal matters has provided them insight into the injuries that result when man effectively meets the machine.

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