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Stroudsburg Repetitive Strain Injury Attorneys

Applying for workers’ compensation, you will be asked what kind of accident you suffered. If your injury was not caused by a specific accident, but by day-to-day overuse, you may be stymied.

“I was hurt by continuous use over time.”

At Newman Williams, P.C., of Stroudsburg, we represent workers who have suffered repetitive stress injuries. You know a lot of these already:

  • Wrist injuries suffered by people who work on computer keyboards all day in grocery checkouts
  • Gripping or grasping injuries such as those suffered by jackhammer and nail gun operators
  • Back injuries from lifting items too heavy, too often
  • Neck injuries from holding a phone in place for long periods
  • Any work that requires constant looking up and straining of the neck
  • Tendinitis, which can occur in almost any muscle group

Serving Injured Workers Throughout Northeast Pennsylvania

Repetitive stress injuries (RSIs) are serious. They can lead to disability and permanent damage. But workers’ compensation panels are sometimes less understanding of these injuries than they are of more obvious accidents like falling from a ladder.

For this reason, you need the representation of a workers’ comp lawyer who knows the law and is able to persuade workers’ compensation evaluators that your injury is every bit as serious and damaging as event injuries.

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