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Stroudsburg Bus And Taxi Accident Lawyers

What types of vehicles are involved in more accidents, by percentage, than any other? They are the service vehicles we see every day, delivering packages, mail, flowers, meals, groceries, construction materials, workmen and passengers to your door.

Commercial vehicles are on our streets all day long, making frequent stops and pulling out again into traffic. Their boxy shape makes visibility poor. They double park, blocking your vision and theirs. Their need to meet deadlines encourages drivers to take risks we would not take.

At Newman Williams, P.C., we represent people who sustain serious injuries because delivery and other trucks put their delivery schedules above the safety of people around them.

Our clients have been injured by FedEx and UPS trucks, handicap buses, landscaping trucks, recycling trucks, taxis, limousines, shuttles and pizza delivery vehicles.

Maximum Compensation For UPS Accidents And FedEx Accidents

When you go up against nationwide business fleets, you need an experienced truck accident attorney to prove your case. Our attorneys are experienced in the full spectrum of these injury cases, and we are not afraid to fight corporate lawyers on your behalf.

We seek the full gamut of injury compensation: medical expenses, time lost from work, the cost of rehab, even the cost, measured in dollars, of the grief and misery this accident has caused you.

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