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The tragedy of a drunk driving accident is that it did not have to happen. People can drink without driving, and they can drive without drinking. But together, they constitute reckless disregard for the safety of others.

At Newman Williams, P.C., of Stroudsburg, we take drunk driving accidents very seriously. It is not only our goal to win maximum compensation for all you have suffered, as a victim or as surviving family members, but it is also our duty as citizens to ensure that such callous events do not happen again.

Drunk driving goes beyond negligence as a factor in these accidents. We use words such as recklessness and callousness to describe the attitude of drivers. Truly, drunk driving is a hostile and antisocial act.

For this reason, we press juries to award punitive damages in drunk driving cases and in other kinds of cases where drivers displayed open indifference to the health and well-being of other people on the road.

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Other conditions justifying punitive damages include distracted driving situations such as texting or inappropriate cellphone use or any action that suggests an intent to cause harm or might involve elements of trickery or deceit. Punitive damages are generally not covered by insurance. Insurers do not want to be accountable for blatant misconduct.

Talk to our lawyers about related issues such as Pennsylvania dram shop laws and social host liability. Our knowledge of these and other laws, plus our commitment to your interests, is a great advantage in a drunk driving injury claim.

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